How Can Counselling Help You?

1 in 5 people have consulted a Counsellor or Psychotherapist, while just under half the population is aware of someone who has done so. We live in an increasingly stressful, complex, and busy world. Life can be tricky for us all as we navigate our way through. This can be made all the harder for some, when painful experiences or stressful events, past and present, threaten to derail us, overwhelming our ability to cope. It is at times like this that counselling can help.

Increase Self-Awareness and Understanding

Talking to a trained Counsellor helps us to feel less isolated. Counselling enables us to have the chance to share our feelings and have those feelings validated. It also helps us to understand ourselves a little better. Counselling can challenge long-held, dysfunctional belief systems and thought patterns that we sometimes have. It offers new insights into situations and helps people with new ideas, concepts, and perspectives, which supports problem-solving. Counselling is also able to improve communication with others, increase self-compassion and improve our sense of well-being. It also supports personal growth, enabling us to reach our true potential.

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