I work from a humanistic modality, having trained as an Integrative Person-Centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist. To simplify, it is about YOU, the client. 

A Greater Sense of Emotional Well-Being 

Positive relationships with others are essential to our emotional well-being, shaping our day-to-day experiences. Difficult attachments or unhealthy relationships block our potential, having a profound effect on us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Humanistic therapies focus on an individual’s personal potential, aiming to develop a stronger, healthier sense of self.

Personal Growth 

If you are given the right conditions and environment, you have within you the resources to grow. Like a plant with the right amount of water and light, it will flourish. If not, it will struggle to survive. My aim is to give you the right environment in which to grow, as a trusting and positive relationship with your therapist can set the path for a trusting relationship with yourself. It is in this space that we work together to support change and an improved sense of well-being.

A Safe Space To Be

My aim is to offer you a confidential and therapeutic relationship where you are valued as an individual without being judged. I listen to you to understand things from your point of view. I aim to be open and genuine with you, and I offer you my undivided attention during the time we spend together. It is in this environment that I hope you will relax enough to open up and share your experiences, thoughts, and feelings, so that we can explore together what is going for you. As I have trained as an integrative counsellor, I may use various therapeutic approaches along the way, should I feel it may be helpful. 

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